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Weihrauch HW45 Laminate Bronze Star

Weihrauch HW45 Laminate Bronze Star


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Weihrauch HW45 Bronze Star

Please Note : This gun is a genuine Hull Cartridge stamped UK Import and comes with full official UK warranty.

Regarded as one of the best spring-powered pistols on the market today, the HW45 combines both power and accuracy in a truly well-rounded performance

The Weihrauch HW45 Bronze Star - .177 Pellet is a top-of-the-line air pistol designed for serious shooting enthusiasts. This powerful and accurate airgun is built with German precision and craftsmanship, making it a reliable and durable choice for any shooter.

The HW45 Bronze Star features a robust break barrel design that uses a spring piston power system to propel pellets at high velocities. One of the standout features of the HW45 Bronze Star is its ergonomic design. The pistol's grip is carefully contoured for maximum comfort and control, allowing shooters to maintain a steady aim and shoot accurately for extended periods. Additionally, the gun features adjustable rear and front sights

The HW45 Bronze Star also features a beautiful bronze finish that gives the gun a stylish and sophisticated look. The gun's construction is solid and reliable, with a high-quality steel barrel and an adjustable two-stage trigger that ensures consistent performance and accuracy.


Calibre: .177
Power: 5 ft /lbs
Power Type: Spring
Capacity : 1
Overall Length: 28cm
Barrel Length: 17cm
Weight: 1.15 kg

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