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Umarex XBG - 4.5mm Steel BB Air Pistol

Umarex XBG - 4.5mm Steel BB Air Pistol


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Please be aware Air weapons & silencers are restricted and cannot be delivered to your address (unless delivered locally). These items will need to be collected or sent to your nearest gunshop for collection. Photo ID Required.

This handy, compact CO₂ pistol is the perfect entry-level gunt for recreational shooters. Handling is very simple: a catch opens the backstrap, allowing you to insert the CO₂ capsule. After you’ve put in the loaded drop-free magazine and released the safety, you’re ready to shoot.

Energy level (E₀) < 3.0 J
Velocity (V₀) 120 m/s (394 fps)
Caliber 4.5 mm (.177) BB
Power source 1x 12 g CO₂
Magazine capacity 19 rounds
Shot capacity 120 rounds
Trigger Double Action Only
Safety Sliding Safety
Length 171 mm
Weight 400 g
Holster type A
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