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Umarex Beretta M84 FS - 4.5mm BB Air Pistol

Umarex Beretta M84 FS - 4.5mm BB Air Pistol


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Please be aware Air weapons & silencers are restricted and cannot be delivered to your address (unless delivered locally). These items will need to be collected or sent to your nearest gunshop for collection. Photo ID Required.

Umarex takes its licenses seriously. This CO2 replica of the Beretta Mod. 84 FS has all the fine qualities of the original: it fits well in the hand and is easy to operate. The rugged all-metal gun has a removable magazine that holds 17 4.5 mm BBs and a 12 g CO2 capsule. A slide stop, ambidextrous safety and stripping lever offer realistic handling and training. With its high energy and powerful blowback effect, this pistol makes a truly authentic impression.


Calibre: 4.5mm BB (.177)
Capacity: 17 rounds
Velocity: 110 m/s (361 ft/s)
Length: 177 mm
Weight: 644 g
Per capsule: 100 Shots**


**number of shots can vary, depending on environment, temperature, quality of Co2, firing rate.



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