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Remington Thunderceptor inc 3-9x50 Scope

Remington Thunderceptor inc 3-9x50 Scope


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Remington Thunderceptor inc 3-9x50 Scope

The Remington ThunderCeptor is the top model in the Remington air rifle range, with a powerful gas ram system at its centre.

The Gas ram has several advantages over a standard spring and piston, the main one being that the gas ram doesn't lose power over time like a spring does with spring fatigue.

Another is that as the Gas ram is a sealed unit, the shot to shot consistency is much better, improving shot grouping.

The stock is constructed from a durable black synthetic polymer, with stippling to the fore end and pistol grip for a positive hold.

As well as this, the rifle is fitting with a bull barrel to reduce the muzzle report, making this your first choice for pest control, and hunting.

Included with the air rifle is a 3-9x50 scope and mounts,

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