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0dB 160mm Silencer Cerakote Muzzel Compensator .25/.303

0dB 160mm Silencer Cerakote Muzzel Compensator .25/.303


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Please be aware Air weapons & silencers are restricted and cannot be delivered to your address (unless delivered locally). These items will need to be collected or sent to your nearest gunshop for collection. Photo ID Required.

Due to the 2006 VCR Bill we now have a comprehensive network of registered Firearms dealers (RFD’S) throughout England, Scotland and Wales enabling us to deliver your rifle or accessory for you to collect at your convenience.

This is a service provided as a favour by your local shop for which they make a nominal standard charge of up to £25. This is payable upon collection of your rifle or accessory. We can organise a local delivery to your address within 40 miles from our shop for an extra cost, please ring us for more details.

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