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Sig Sauer

Sig Sauer Spartan 1911

Sig Sauer Spartan 1911


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Please be aware Air weapons & silencers are restricted and cannot be delivered to your address (unless delivered locally). These items will need to be collected or sent to your nearest gunshop for collection. Photo ID Required.

The Sig Sauer Spartan 1911 Full Metal Blowback Special Edition Air Pistol fires steel BBs.

A 1:1 replica of the 1911 Spartan center-fire pistol, the Sig Sauer 1911 CO2 BB pistol is a tactical trainer/plinker great for beginners and experts alike. This full-metal Sig keeps the weight and controls of the centerfire model and includes a blowback feature for a realistic feel.

Incorporating the unique bronze finish of the original, this full-metal pistol displays a Spartan helmet on the grip with the Greek words uttered by the Spartan King Leonidas - “Molon Labe” (“Come and take them”) engraved on the slide and grip. The pistols unique features include a skeletonized hammer and trigger, as well as easy to see white-dot sights. A Weaver/Picatinny accessory rail readily accepts a flashlight or laser sight.

Calibre 4.5mm STEEL BBS
Type CO2 powered
Length (total) 22cm
Weight 1.1kg
Mag capacity 16
  • Full metal
  • Picatinny weaver rails
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