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CYBERGUN Fn Herstal M249 Para Nylon fibre electronic trigger AEG - Black

CYBERGUN Fn Herstal M249 Para Nylon fibre electronic trigger AEG - Black


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  • The M249 submachine gun is the American adaptation of the Minimi, one of the biggest commercial successes of the FN Herstal. Designed in the 1970s, the FN "Minimi" (abbreviation for "Mini-Mitrailleuse") is a light machine gun in 5.56x45mm. It works with the M27 disintegrating ammunition belt, with a usual capacity of 100 to 200 rounds, contained in a rigid ammobox or a cloth bag. This minimi is also able to work with M4 STANAG magazines without changing parts, in case the gunner runs out of ammo. Adopted by the US Army in 1984, and then by the USMC the following year, several variants of the M249 were then produced, including the famous FN M249 Para. This Para model is compact and was designed for airborne units with its short barrel and retractable tubular stock; it is the most recognizable version of the range. Today, the M249 is well known to video game fans thanks to notable appearances in licenses such as Counter-Strike, Arma, Call of Duty, or even in Squad and Player Unknown: Battleground.

    This new model is characterized by the internal addition of an electronic trigger and a mosfet (non-programmable)! Enjoy a replica with a much more responsive and reliable trigger system. Under the official FN Herstal license, this AEG offers you a faithful and realistic external finish with its official markings and dimensions. In terms of materials: we opted for a nylon fiber body to lighten the replica as much as possible while maintaining strength and durability. This results in a featherweight 3.9 kg, light for a support replica of this kind.

    • Produced under FN Herstal license for maximum realism
    • Rear connection with Mini Tamiya terminal compatible with most batteries on the market
    • Replica with a firing mode: full-auto
    • Power developed at the box output of 1 joule, ideal for playing on all fields
    • Manufactured in nylon fiber and meta
    • Replica compatible with M4 magazines or ammo boxes
    • Para version of the FN M249 with a retractable stock, carrying handle, bipod and short barrel.

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