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Air Arms

Air Arms MPR Precision

Air Arms MPR Precision


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Please be aware Air weapons & silencers are restricted and cannot be delivered to your address (unless delivered locally). These items will need to be collected or sent to your nearest gunshop for collection. Photo ID Required.

.177 ONLY


Single shot bolt operated action
Adjustable butt pad with optional butt hook available
Multi-adjustable match trigger
External & internal accessory rail
Precision length muzzle end
Dioptre sights with 4 element sizes
Removable cylinder
Adjustable cheek piece
In-line 20 micron filter
Butt pad spacers to extend length
optional barrel and stock weights

Adult-sized match shooting in multi-role format

The MPR 10m precision is designed to be versatile. As well as being an incredibly effective multi-positional rifle, it can be either the natural successor to the 10m Sporter or the first significant step into competitive target shooting for the novice. In fact, with its ambidextrous, blonde poplar stock, full-length barrel assembly, extended sight base and recoiless, precharged pneumatic action, the Precision is built to take the newcomer, club shooter or bell target shooter to the next level of performance.
Every MPR 10m Precision is fitted with competition dioptre sights, a fully-adjustable stock with the option of a true match butt pad, a recoiless action and perfect balance as standard. Whether you move up to it, or begin your competition career with it, this top-value rifle is ready to impress - for less.

The MPR 10m Precision what's in it for you?
Inside the Air Arms 10m Precision everything's in balance. The firing valve is designed to be self-regulating, so as the pressure changes in the rifle's air resevoir, the firing valve adapts its operation to keep the Precision's shots consistent and right on target. The rifle also keeps iteself protected from mechanical failure via its on-board air filter, so peace of mind can be added to confidence and consistency, all of which allow the shooter to concentrate purely on hitting the target, and making the most of this rifle's outstanding potential.

The Precision's balance is also fully applied to its exterior components and its muzzle extension chamber extends the rifle's sight base for perfect target acquisition and alignment. Eachshot is released by a sensitive, adjustable, position-variable match design trigger unit and the on-board air reserves can be monitored at-a-glance via a hi-viz pressure gauge. All in all, when you need to hit the target, the MPR 10m Precision puts you in a great position.

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