Cylinder Testing

Here at Sunderland Airguns we test cylinders on site to IDEST Standards. Scuba cylinders require a test every 2.5 years and 5 years for an airgun cylinder, from the date of manufacture. 

 If you are unsure whether your cylinder needs a test or not pop into the shop and we will be able to help you.

 Price List

Hydrostatic Test £44.95
Visual Test £39.95
Cylinder O2 Clean £25.00
Twinset & Manifold O2 Clean £65.00
 Internal Cylinder Rumble £17.95
 Twin Set Hydrostatic Test, Strip & Rebuild £105.00
 Twin Set Visual Test, Strip & Rebuild £95.00
 Airgun Valve Replacement £99.00
 Scuba Valve Replacement £68.00

 *Payment is required for a cylinder test before any work begins