‘Unnecessary’ interim licences must not disrupt shooting, says BASC

‘Unnecessary’ interim licences must not disrupt shooting, says BASC

BASC is warning that the Government risks disrupting shooting through their proposal on short-term licensing for shooting on and near certain ‘protected’ sites.

A three-week public consultation on an interim licence for gamebird release on and near European Protected Sites in England has been launched by government today.

BASC is reviewing the terms of the consultation but the UK’s largest shooting organisation is concerned with the approach taken and believes it risks having a negative impact on shooting in the year ahead.

Glynn Evans, BASC’s head of game and gundogs, said: “The focus on shooting on European Protected Sites is over precautionary, unnecessary and will potentially set a precedent for other activities undertaken on designated sites.

“BASC is currently reviewing the consultation in order to produce a fully comprehensive response and take a decision on the appropriate action to ensure shooting activities on European Protected Sites are not left disadvantaged.

“The consultation is already behind schedule, as the period for gamebird release in 2021 is fast approaching. BASC has already made representation with Defra to withdraw the process until next year.”

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