The All new BSA Ultra CLX!

The All new BSA Ultra CLX!



For over 15 years, BSA Guns have been manufacturing many versions and evolutions, of our Ultra Pre-charged Pneumatic (PCP) air rifle. Now, approaching our 160th Anniversary (1861 – 2021), we are proud and excited to announce the next chapter in the success story of an extra ordinary super-compact PCP, with the launch of the all NEW Ultra CLX.

Maintaining the core benefits and features of the Ultra, as a small, compact and easy to handle, and full power super carbine Sporter, introducing our Next

Generation ’Mono-block’ platform for BSA PCP’s for this decade and beyond, the all NEW Ultra CLX, truly is a new PCP from the ground up.

Design, developed and manufactured at our Head Quarters, in Birmingham England, we have taken advantage of the very best in new design and prototyping processes and facilities, the benefits of this all NEW PCP are easily seen when compared to its ancestor the Ultra, and no doubt other competitor products. With over 50,000 test shots put through our specially designed automated test equipment, we truly have put this all NEW PCP through its paces.

Throughout this process, we have kept those core values of the Ultra firmly at the forefront of our minds. We engaged with the expert designers at Minelli in Italy to ensure we jointly delivered a new stock design that was clearly a BSA, and clearly an Ultra. What we achieved completely met the brief.

Key changes introduced for the all NEW Ultra CLX include the use of our new Mono- block platform, reducing components, reducing complexity and improving reliability and efficiency. For the first time on a BSA we introduce our new Anti-double load 12 shot magazine system. Air capacity and efficiency has improved giving a significant increase in shot count of up to 50%.

Using higher graded materials and components such as stainless-steel pellets probes and a clearer, larger pressure gauge that makes reading air pressure in the rifle easier, all go towards a PCP Air Rifle, which keeps the spirit of the past Ultra’s but shares very few components from those predecessors. In fact, the only major

components that are shared with the previous generation of Ultra rifles is BSA’s ‘Bolas’ bolt handle and the trigger guard; and because it’s a BSA, of course, we fit our

world-renowned Cold Hammer Forged barrel.

Our new Magazine will not load more than one pellet into the breach; no more unintentional double loads. Our new magazine also includes a shot countdown window ensuring you have full visibility and control of how many shots you have left.

We have listened to our customers, by making the use of the all NEW Ultra CLX easier either at the range or in the field with the inclusion of a larger, clearer pressure gauge, and fitted the Minelli stock with sling swizzle studs for your convenience, and still retaining its super compact yet full power form.

The new Muzzle break supplied as standard on the all NEW Ultra CLX has been designed with air flow in mind, aiding the stability of the pellet as it exists the barrel, which in turn aids accuracy, and as with all our Cold Hammer Forged barrels, it has an ½” UNF threaded barrel to take a moderator.

Accuracy, Precision and Craftsmanship have been combined to produce this next generation, all NEW Ultra CLX, but don’t just take our word for it, judge it for yourself.

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