New Brocock Safari XR PCP Air Rifle Launched

New Brocock Safari XR PCP Air Rifle Launched

Two new sidelever PCP air rifles for 2021 have been launched by the British manufacturer. There’s the Brocock Safari XR and Brocock Safari XR Magnum. This latest addition to the sidelever-operated XR line-up incorporates a tactile, textured wooden stock with a full suite of Picatinny rails for mounting scopes and accessories.

The Safari XR has an attractive textured stock. This maximizes the attributes of Brocock’s XR series, the company tells HAM, notably the innovative semi-bullpup configuration that vastly improves gun handling and ‘pointability’.

New Brocock Safari XR PCP Air Rifle Launched

With the addition of Picatinny mounts, the Safari can be equipped with numerous accessories to suit just about any shooting task, Brocock says.
Safari XR models also incorporate the Huma-Air regulator system. When combined with the Safari XR’s latest hammer design, Brocock says that minimal shot-to-shot deviation is delivered as the rifle cycles through its usable air charge.The result is improved downrange accuracy.

Importantly, the Safari is launched with Brocock’s all-new, Self-Indexing Magazine bringing improvements to pellet/bore alignment. This is similar – but not identical – to the magazine launched last year for Daystate models.

Magazines in all calibers now insert from the right side – intended to clear rifle scope sidewheels which are a popular accessory for modern side-parallax scopes. Mag capacity has been increased, too, offering 10, 11 and 13 shots in .25, .22 and .177 calibers respectively.

HAM tested the XR Magnum in “non-Safari” guise. We loved it and it earned a HAM Gold Award with an outstanding 96% score. With these improvements, the Brocock Safari XR Magnum would be an even better gun!

New Brocock Safari XR PCP Air Rifle Launched

In the USA, Safari XR models will be available from Airguns of Arizona and Precision Airgun Distribution dealers.

Brocock Safari XR Features:

– Ergonomic sidelever operation in semi-bullpup format
– Ambidextrous, hand-finished textured wood ‘Safari’ stock with adjustable cheekpiece and 2D adjustable butt pad
– Underside Picatinny rail for bipods, flashlight etc
– Top Picatinny rails for precision scope mounting and quick changing of accessories or scope type
– Huma-Air regulator
– Multiple power settings via side power adjuster
– Models available from 12 to 55 Ft/Lbs (75J)
– New, removable self-indexing 10/13-shot* self-indexing rotary magazine with flip-open loading gate (*according to caliber)
– Single-shot tray supplied
– Upgraded hammer and valve assembly
– Two-stage adjustable trigger
– Resettable safety catch
– Full length, integral sound moderator with adaptor for second stage silencer

Main Specifications:

Overall Length: 34 Inches
Barrel Length: 17 Inches. 23 Inches for Magnum
Typical Weight: 7.3 Lbs

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