Air Arms S200 Target Rifle 6 ftlbs Version

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Air Arms S200 Target Rifle 6 ftlbs Version


Ambidextrous beech stock
Single shot action with 5 or 10 shot conversion kit available
Easy operation bolt action
Removable cylinder
Ventilated butt pad
Adjustable trigger position
Dioptre sights with 4 interchangeable elements
7 joules

Air Arms S200 Target Rifle 6 ftlbs Version

Ideal for the younger shooter

The ideal introduction to the challenge of target shooting

Target shooting takes many forms and offers unlimited challenges and rewards. From club competition prizes, all the way to Olympic honours, the modern target shooter competes in a world of opportunity and it's essential that beginners enjoy a positive experience. The S200 range was developed by the Air Arms team of designers and is produced by world leading manufacturers, Ceska Zbrojovka. The S200 Target rifle provides everything needed for that positive experience, and at a price far below anything in its performance range.
The S200 is recoiless, easy to operate, comes with a precision trigger and a fully-adjustable dioptre sighting system. Its wieght and balance are perfect for junior and shooters of lighter build and the uncomplicated design of the stock makes the rifle ideal for 3-positional and conventional paper target competition.

The S200 what's in it for you?
This is an entry level target rifle that performs so far above its price bracket, you won't believe it until you shoot it. The S200 Target's .177 calibre barrel is renowned for its accuracy and with the dioptre sights fitted as standard, the shooter is fully equipped to make the most of its match winning potential. Further aiding the accuracy of the S200 Target, is a supportive, match-type stock and precision trigger, plus the recoiless consistency of the precharged pneumatic action.
With its power set at 6 ft.lbs, the S200 Target produces over 80 shots per charge, which is more than enough for any match, including sighting shots, and the manageable weight and perfect balance of the rifle is designed to promote on-aim stability, without tiring the shooter. Finally, the stock is ambidextrous, so left-handed newcomers can also benefit from the perfect start to competitive shooting provided by this remarkable, top value target rifle.